Thursday, September 29, 2011

Getting more and more busy..

Those classes, they are really making me use my creativity! Every single class, i am forces to get inspired from simple things or learn to shut off my brain for a little bit and use my instinctive creative side.. I am learning to LOVE my painting class. I feel relived every time i step in the studio that it ok if i dont think! Just letting my hands paint.
Defenitely a stress reliever :)

Friday, August 26, 2011

Back to school

We're all back to school this week.. I'm probably the happiest of us all ;) i took three classes at the UC this semester and have great teachers. I hope to be very inspired having design foundation and materials and systems. Can't wait either to begin painting!! School will always be the best thing that happened to me:)

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Ramdan this year..

So August 1st this year was Ramadan 1st. For those who are still wondering what that charabia is, it is very simple. In Islam, the months of the year are calculated by the moon, not the sun, since thousands of years. One of those months is called Ramadan. During that month, muslims fast from sunrise to sun down. No, it is not freaking hard :) and yes, winters are easier than summers since the day is shorter.

I was surprised this year, while doing my usual search on google, that some websites had pretty good info about how fasting affect our bodies in a good way.

I still remember how, in high school, it used to be our word against the whole group of students AND all the teachers that fasting is fine! They used to think that we are going to die lol.. I really heard that more than once ;) and don't tell me about the teachers who would try to make you eat by force...

There is also this website about fast-a-thons. Muslims and non-muslims alike would fast to raise money for charity. Isn't that AWESOME?!! Check it out!

And, just so you know, we don't MAKE kids fast ( i used to really want to do it at 8-9 of age) it's kind of neat to do something with a whole group, watch and remind each other and finally have a nice dinner with the family. One of the very important things we learn with the fast is patience. When I was young, everytime me or my brother would get on each others nerves, we'll try to say "God, i am fasting" and that would remind us not to say or act in a hurting way to each other.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Some of my photographs... please tell me what you think!

Here; now its working!

So, I disapeared for almost a year. But I'm back now. Not as a designer only, but as an adventurous cook, a quilter ( this sounds sooo cheesy and old!) and especially as a photographer. I am still discovering myself a little bit each day.

When i went back to college last spring, I took only two classes to begin with; drawing and photography. AMAIZING classes! Me who only draw stick people got to draw a VERY reallistic picture of my son! To be scanned soon :)

However, what happened with photography was " un coup de foudre" !! Love at first sight! I am right now the official photographer of my son's school and I have to say, they really do love my work! I would love to open a side business.. The profession of Photographer has a sweet ring to it :)

I'm back..

Thursday, August 12, 2010

I know, I haven't posted since a week at least!
My parents came to visit us from Canada for a week. We had fun! It is so nice when something breaks the monotony of life. Yeah, lucky someone I know who is SPENDING MONTHS TRAVELING IN EUROPE!!! What can be more exciting, really! Dear D., I will not stop telling you how lucky you are! ;)

Back to me. Well, isn't that what a blog is about? When no one listen to you, you create a blog and talk non stop about yourself. Who can stop you? ;)

So, I've got several projects I'm trying to finish. First, husband is trying to find a job somewhere else, a big city I hope (keep fingers crossed!). So we may be moving, or not, during the next two years. If yes, down goes the orange paint in the kitchen! I'm trying to find a color that is more neutral. The house will need to be sold!

So neutral color for kitchen, repainting that living room because the paint looks like an old people appartment (yeah, I chose it.. But I didn't know it will look so OLD!), and a nice color for the master bed and bath. Those rooms are the ones that will sell the house.
So the dilema is to find a color palette that is not too bright, even if I would love it, and not too boring beige, so I can still live in it until we move out!

Updated coming soon!